Male tabby 6 yr old Summerside Area

Male tabby 6 yr old Summerside Area
Pet’s Date of Birth
Feb 14, 2013
6 Year(s)
Feb 21, 2019
Additional information:
Cat is friendly and energetic. He loves chasing a laser light and can hear a treat bag a mile away. He loves to cuddle at night and has an obsession with hair. He will curl up with you to snuggle in your hair at night.
Due to a recent loss I cannot afford to keep him and I would love to find him someone who wants company that is cute and cuddly.
He is scared at first and may take a few days to a week to get use to a new place. Hes vocal and if he doesnt want to be pet or picked up (mostly to strangers) he will hiss or growl) He doesnt bite though. My daughter is 11 and she picks him up even when he has a little hissy fit aka doesnt want to be held and he doesnt fight it. He just likes to make noisy and is very vocal. It's cute when he gets singing!
He loves to play with anything that moves and makes a game out of it. He loves to follow his owner around and will lay by your feet and roll around to get attention and a head and chin scratch.
My daughter named him Merlin but you can call him anything you want... he still wont come to you lol unless he hears treats or the food bag.
He loves fresh cold water and you may need to leave the lid down on toilets as he thinks it's his watering hole lol.
If you are looking for a companion that is fun, cute, and low maintenance he is the guy for the job. I wish I could afford to keep him but with my budget as a single parent shrinking I cannot maintain having a cat.
I also have been working longer hours and the kids have after school activities leaving this guy super excited when we walk in the door. He loves to come running when you get in and meow and start following you for head scratches and cuddles. I feel bad he begs for attention but we dont have enough time to give it.
If you would like to meet him we are located in Summerside off of Ellerslie and 91 st. You can come by weekdays after 6 pm with short notice. Just text me a time that works for you and I will accommodate.
Serious cat lovers only. I want him to be taken in a forever home not an experiment for your kids or you on either or not you want a cat.
Yes he is fixed, has shots, and health maintained.
Contact information:
Phone number:
Postal code
T6X 1N7
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