Pet’s Date of Birth
Jan 04, 2019
7 Week(s)
Feb 22, 2019
Additional information:
***Please note these kittens are NOT available they are pictures of previous Skinisin Cattery kittens***

If interested please send me your email address to fill out an Adoption Application. Thank you
We are accepting new families on our waiting list for Sphynx Kittens. Please call 780-218-9987 for more info or check out our Facebook page Skinisin Cattery
Kittens are ready to leave btw 14-16 weeks old, each kitten can vary. We are an HCM scanning Cattery and scan are breeders YEARLY!! Our kittens come with:
2 yr health guarantee
5 yr HCM guarantee
Spayed/ Neutered
Vaccines done by vet
Vet exams x 3 etc
Dewormed x 2
TICA Registered
Breeder Support
Fel d 1 is a protein that in cats is encoded by the CH1 and CH2 genes. Fel d 1, produced largely in cat saliva and sebaceous glands, is the primary allergen present on cats and kittens. Fel d 1 is also produced by cat skin itself.
Buying from a Reputable Breeder(RB's) VS Backyard Breeder(BYB's). Some simple signs to look for when buying a Sphynx kitten
1) Are the Parents of the kittens HCM scanned annually(yearly)?
*BYB's will not scan at all or try filling your head telling you HCM is a scam or even that's what their own vet stated
*BYB's will only scan their breeders once and try to claim they are a HCM scanning cattery.
*RB's will scan their Kings and Queens yearly by a Board Certified Cardiologist and continue to scan their breeders
2) Health Guarantees & HCM Guarantees
*BYB's usually only give 6-9 months or some none at all. Will not even cover HCM whatsoever
*RB's will give minimum 2 yrs for Congenital, hereditary, genetic defects plus give a HCM guarantee. I myself give 5 yrs HCM for my kittens
3) Vaccines & Vet Checks
*BYB's usually only give one set of vaccines & possibly see the vet once for a vet check or may even do vaccines at home themselves and never see a vet
*RB's will have a vet do minimum 2 set of vaccines therefore at least 2 Health checks at this point
4) Spayed/Neutered
*BYB's do not spay/neuter there kittens before leaving them as this is taking money out of their pockets.
*RB'S will spay/ neuter their kittens before leaving them as RB's want to cover these costs as well and not leave this responsibility up to new kitten parents. Plus make sure their babies are pets only and not end up in a BYB's program.
5) Age of kittens when leaving
*BYB's will let the kittens go home starting as early as 8-10 weeks old
*RB's will not let kitten go home until 12-16 weeks old, already spayed or neutered therefore now seeing a vet yet again for another vet check.
6) Registered
*BYB's cats are usually not registered with a recognized cat organization or they state parents are registered but kittens will not be..... that makes no sense
* RB's are registered with a cat organization TICA, CFA, CCA, CCC, AFCA and most RB's show their cats
7) COST of Kitten
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