Gorgeous F1 goldendoodle puppies!

$ 1,300.00
Gorgeous F1 goldendoodle puppies!
Pet’s Date of Birth
Jan 04, 2019
6 Week(s)
Feb 18, 2019
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Ready next weekend!
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Now accepting deposits to hold your new golden doodle!! Non refundable Deposit is $300 to hold your baby until home time. Im the meantime you will receive updates on your new baby in videos and photos we can even FaceTime if you’d like
Our human care giver can send you a text or
Call you
These little babies can go home at the end of February ready to enjoy the nicer weather with you! (Hopefully nicer we do live in Canada;))
They were born to a gorgeous golden retriever mother who has the most sweet and gentle personality. She will play fetch as long as your willing to throw that ball for her! However serious cuddle breaks and a belly rub are a must for this girl!
Their daddy is a gorgeous white poodle who is very friendly kind and gentle. He will bark at strangers especially if “his” human kids are outside he’d like you to know he’s around for them but never in a aggressive way. He is 110% the kids dog. At 2 years old my daughter could walk him, he enjoys being her shadow.
Both parents have amazing smart personalities and have produced puppies with their amazing qualities and brains!
They will grow up to have soft loose curls, smart personalities and serious love and loyalty to their new families.
They are happy to play and equally as happy to sit next to you for a night of binge watching your favourite show on Netflix.
I often get asked if they shed or if their hypoallergenic. researchers have now established that there is no 100 percent hypoallergenic dog. these babies are about as close as you can get to being hypoallergenic!
The allergy trigger is a protein called Fel D 1 that is present in dog saliva, skin, and hair.
When your dog sheds, this protein is shed out along with the discarded hair.
You then come in contact with the protein as you clean and that causes the allergic reaction. Since these dogs don’t shed all over your house your less likely to come into contact with this protein. Their hair comes out when brushed much like human hair instead of being shed all over your floor and furniture
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